The ‘Smithy’s Day Book.

The ‘Smithy’s Day Book, the DB, the Ledger – it’s the book which records the commissioned work of the Blacksmith together with the charges for his toil.

There was no PC or telephone;  the customer walked into the Forge and arranged the work.  Horses were walked into the Forge near the work area when shoes were to be made and fitted;  all recorded in the Day Book.   To shoe your horse, as recently as 1941, 4 shoes would cost 8 shillings.   Here’s a couple of other more complex work examples:

“Repairs to cart:  Taking broken step off, welding new strong top end on.  Bending, fitting, setting all over, welding new end on draw plate, screwing, fitting new nuts, putting step on with two new 3/8 bolts.   Making two new chain hold plates and two new chain hooks, drill 8 holes, putting on back of cart tailboard, attaching two pieces of chain to hold tailboard in any position.   …..One pound.”


“Repairs to motor truck:  Making new strong carrying iron for tool box, drilling four holes, drilling two holes for half inch bolts through steel covered crosspiece of truck, putting iron plate on with new half inch bolts.    ……….12/6.”

On Sunday, 16 February 2014, we’re having a special display featuring the ‘Smithy’s Day Book.  Come along and peer into the past and learn how the ‘Smithy conducted his trade.  The display will be available from 10.00am to 4.00pm, with free entry.