With these words as our starting point, we set up our display focusing on the wheel and how the wheel helped the early settlers to our area establish their new way of life. We thought of the tools they would use– the seed drills, the ploughs, the strippers, the wheelbarrows, the carts and drays they would use to grow their crops and take their produce to market.

We thought of the wheels the wheelwright would make and the iron tyres the blacksmith would forge in his workshop. We thought of the jinkers they built to take them to church on a Sunday. We thought of the wheels of the harness racing sulky, an important part of the harness racing industry of our local area.

We thought of the wheels the wife of the household would use to feed and clothe her family: the sewing machine, the carpet beater, the mincer, the egg-beater, the butter churn – all using the principle of the wheel.

All of these wheels made up our display, held as part of the National Trust Heritage Month. Our visitors loved it. Don’t miss our next Open Day at the cottage when we will have a display of Vintage Fashion. Sunday 18th 10.00 to 4.00. Entry is free!

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