The Margaret Moritz Award for 2015-16 has been awarded to Bungaree Primary School. The school has been awarded $500 to continue their involvement with developing a History Walk for the town. The money will be used to help fund an archaeological survey of some sites, for example the police station and blacksmith’s workshop. These once active sites were demolished and are now vacant blocks. All of the Bungaree PS students will be involved in research, field work and a presentation of their findings to the town. They will be assisted by a professional archaeologist in carrying out this work. All primary schools in Moorabool Shire are eligible to apply for this Award, which was established to perpetuate the memory of Margaret Moritz, who was instrumental in saving and preserving the Blacksmith’s Cottage and Forge. Schools are invited to plan projects which help foster students’ interest in the history of the Shire. Watch out for further information of when applications are due.   Entries are now open for the 2016-17 Youth Heritage Award named in honour of local heritage history expert Margaret Moritz. The award will be given to a school which nominates an activity or project that is focussed on local history in line with the Year 5/6 history curriculum.