The Blacksmith Cottage and Forge Advisory Committee Inc. consists of local people from many walks of life with a varied range of interests and skills.

Some people volunteer as tour guides in the Cottage and others volunteer in the Bookbarn sorting and shelving books and dealing with customers. Some people work tirelessly whereas others just help out where they can. A committment of only two hours per month is all that is required to join our willing band of volunteers.

In addition to our volunteer team there is a Committee which oversees and drives the project forward. Other than the usual Office Bearing positions the committee has a Cottage Curator, a publicity officer, a volunteer coordinator, a Bookbarn manager and a tour coordinator.

The management committee is currently seeking 3 people to fill specific roles either on the main committee or within a sub committee. Ideally these people will have skills including;

  • an interest and expertise in managing our website
  • skills and time to develop a process to sell some of our more valuable books on line
  • ability to identify and solve maintenance issues by working with various tradespeople

Please contact Margaret Simpson at info@cottageandforge.com if you are interested in finding out more about becoming a volunteer in the Cottage or Lyn Egan if you are interested in becoming a volunteer in the Bookbarn.