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‘Bills’ horse trough

The Annis and George Bills horse trough at the Blacksmith’s Cottage is a survivor of a series of troughs donated by the estate of Annis and George Bills. When he died in 1927 George Bills left his estate of 80,000 pounds to ‘construct and erect and pay for horse troughs wherever they ………..are desireable for the relief of horses and other dumb animals.” The bequest donated over 500 troughs throughout...

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Signature Cloth

WORLD WAR 1 SIGNATURE SUPPER CLOTH This hand-embroidered linen supper cloth is an interesting donation which is currently being researched by members of the Blacksmith Cottage and Forge Bookbarn Committee. World War 1 is the common link between the names of  Australian cities, ports, people and objects which have been embroidered skillfully with amazing needle skills on a piece of linen.  The cloth’s origins are unknown however the embroidered...

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Marshman Music Master Radio

The Marshman Music Master radios are not from Mars; they are from the ‘Marsh – Bacchus Marsh. We have a Marshman Music Master radio as part of our static display within the Blacksmith’s Cottage. The Marshman has a beautifully styled small box shape with a Bakelite base and camel coloured leatherette case. The glass window displays the intricate “map” of the radio stations of the 1940s. In its day the Marshman was the centrepiece in the...

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