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25 Years Anniversary.

  Late last month, on Sunday, 21 May 2017, we celebrated 25 years of our volunteers keeping the memory of the Blacksmith alive at our site in Bacchus Marsh.  A very enjoyable afternoon tea followed our special guest, Barbara Manly, a direct descendant of Thomas Manly, one of the blacksmiths who, in 1850, continued the business set up by Vere Quaile.  Members of the original Committee of Management were on hand to plant a tree to commemorate the occasion....

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2017 Australian Heritage Festival

  Once again, we are part of the Australian Heritage Festival.  Come and visit the Blacksmith’s Cottage and Forge – step back into the past when the ‘smithy was a going concern and the ‘smithy’s family lived in the adjoining Cottage.  In 2009 our Committee undertook an Oral History project, recording the voices of some of the district’s farming pioneers of the early 20th century, when the horse was the main source of transport and power and the Forge, the hub of the community.  During your visit you will hear their voices.  Watch a video of the ‘Marsh’s earlier days.  Volunteers will take you through the Cottage and Forge and tell you some of the stories from the past.  The experience will take you back into the days before modern technology, when water had to be fetched from the well and everything you ate, used or wore had to be made by hand.  Come and share some of these memories with us and revive your respect for those early pioneers who paved the...

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Gliders at the Cottage

The Australian Gliding Museum at the Bacchus Marsh airfield is one of the area’s little-known treasures.  As part of the National Trust Heritage Month, 16th April-29th May, the Museum is mounting a display of model gliders and the history of gliding in Australia in the buildings and grounds of the historic Cottage and Forge. Come and see large scale models of early gliders, including the ‘Lasco Lark’, ‘Grunau Baby’, and ‘Merlin’, and more recent types such as the ‘Kookaburra’ and ‘Boomerang’ with a supporting pictorial history featuring many rare photographs of gliding in Australia dating from 1929. Weather permitting, a classic vintage glider will be on display in the grounds of the cottage and forge on 17 April 2016.  Visit the display on Sunday 17 April between 10.00 am and 4.00 pm for a glimpse into the world of gliding past and present.  Members of the Gliding museum will be on hand to answer your questions and tell you about the joy of gliding....

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Harvest Festival in the Cottage 2016

PUMPKINS, POMEGRANATES AND PENSTEMONS  Harvest Festival time at the cottage was a time of produce, people and flowers.  Veggie patches and gardens yielded a splash of colour to the 1850s cottage.  Pumpkins bedecked the hay bales in the yard and tomatoes and pomegranates spoke of autumn and winter dishes to come.  Double Delight roses and penstemons added their own delightful colours and scents. Autumn is a good time to visit Bacchus Marsh.  Apples and stone fruits are there to be picked and there are plenty of picnic spots for you to sit and enjoy the scenery.  Add some history to your visit and pop in to see us at the cottage and forge.  Buy a pre-loved book while you are here.  Check this website for our opening hours and our Calendar of...

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